Camp Elite Co-Founder: Smarty Pants aka Nadia Kean
Smarty Pants lives and plays roller derby in Austin, Texas for Texas and USA Roller Derby.
Smarty started skating bank track roller derby in 2003 for TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls in Austin, Texas. In 2011 she made the switch to flat track when she joined Texas.

Some of her proudest moments on the track include taking 2nd place at the WFTDA Championship with her team Texas against Gotham and taking Gold at the 2015 World Championship with USA against England.

Smarty has been teaching and coaching athletes for over fifteen years. She believes that most athletes have untapped potential in the sport that they play, but sometimes it goes unrealized due to certain elements, including the athlete’s experience with their coach or on their team.
Smarty especially enjoys helping coaches unlock their inner teacher so that they can help the athletes that they work with realize their potential.

Smarty Pants will be coaching at:  Camp Elite UKCamp Elite Atlanta , Camp Elite Detroit , Camp Elite Eugene



Camp Elite Co-Founder: Luludemon #44
Luludemon aka Lucy Croysdill started playing in 2006 with Terminal City Rollergirls, and was a proud member of Team Canada 2011 and 2014.

She has coached teams all over the world from Australia to South Africa and is a co-owner of Elite Roller Derby Training – the first online course focused on team learning.
She’s a former Terminal City league president, team captain and was a primary jammer for the Terminal City All Stars ranked #18 in the world.

Her specialty is helping jammers find their “special sauce” and inspiring all derby skaters to dig deeper and think in a different way about our sport.

A serial entrepreneur, Lulu’s other day job is helping to make derby women look good and feel strong as the owner of Pivotstar Apparel. She’s also a proud co-founder of The Girls On Track Foundation who’s aim is to get more teenage girls involved in this amazing sport.

Luludemon will be coaching at:  Camp Elite UKCamp Elite Atlanta , Camp Elite Detroit Camp Elite Eugene

Camp Elite Coaches Montages-MissTea

Guest Jammer Coach: Miss Tea Maven aka Jennifer Dean

Miss Tea Maven (“Misty Maven”) lives and plays roller derby in New York City, NY for Gotham Girls Roller Derby and New York State All-Stars.

Maven started learning how to skate with a Renegade Roller Derby team back in 2011 in New Jersey, but switched to skate with the Long Island Roller Rebels when she moved to NYC in 2012 – there she learned and fell in love with the sport.  In 2013 she joined Gotham, and in 2014 was accepted on the GGRD All-Star team, and hasn’t looked back since.

Some of Maven’s proudest moments in the sport include winning Tournament MVP in 2017 Sibling Rivalry, as well as earning highest scoring jammer at the Malmo Tournament for WFTDA playoffs in 2017.

Maven greatly enjoys coaching and teaching the intricacies of Roller Derby.  Specifically, she greatly enjoys teaching footwork and coaching confidence for all skaters.  “You can do anything you set your mind to – you just need the right mindset.”  Although jamming and footwork is her specialty, Maven coaches a wide range of topics including blocking technique, offensive and defensive strategies, and effective team communication.

Miss Tea Maven will be coaching at:  Camp Elite Eugene