“So much learning! In a structured but fun way. Team building. Our jammers learned a ton of new things. Having coaches give real time feedback/suggestions during scrimmage times! <- this was the best!” -Flossy – Cherry City Roller Derby

“I loved the built in “learning breaks.” I was worried about physical and mentality being able to complete a 3day camp. Your set up/schedule was spot on.”

“I love that it is team based so we could all learn together. Smarty is amazing. I really value hearing new perspectives on skills and strategy.”

“I loved connecting with other skaters, and using what we learned right away in quick scrimmages and drills.” -Beast/Emerald City Roller Derby

“I loved, and appreciated, the mental aspect of training at Camp Elite.” Camp Elite reminded me of my favorite quote – “Every champion was once a contender who never gave up.” Rocky Balboa” ” -Slamdino, Wine Country Crushers.

” I learned great info from the best of the best with my team, who could say no to that!” Sinister Kate. Treasure Valley Roller Derby

“THE COACHES! Totally star struck in the best way. Did I mention having coaches participate in the classes was the coolest? I learned a ton, and it seemed like they took a few skills away from it also :)” -Whiskey Smash Palouse River Rollers

“I greatly appreciated the one-on-one feedback from OMG with my team (PRR), watching Lulu and Smarty coach (learning from their example), and being there with my teammates. I love that it is a team focused camp!” -Joey Rotten – Palouse River Rollers

“I loved the intensity of the training, which was only as enjoyable and effective as it was because of how well the coaches taught their sessions. It was also simply wonderful to have three full days of derby!” – Val D. Mort –  Basin Bombers

“The genuine dedication every coach had towards each individual skaters improvement was undeniable. There’s no other sport in which the brand new players (or opponents) can have one on one coaching and conversations with the most elite athletes. I had the privilege of speaking with OMG for about 45 min straight. At no point did I feel as if I was bothering him or being annoying. He welcomed my question and spoke with authenticity, even sacrificed his lunch break. Throughout the entire weekend the coaches were approachable in demeanor and made themselves available for any and all questions. This type of coach-camper interaction exemplifies the inclusive and integrity that sets derby apart from all other sports.” -Brut Champain, Jet city Bombers

“The ability to laugh and have fun without being completely serious all the time.” – Mr. Morticia – SODERBY

“Best quote ever for derby, I got at camp “Your team is responsible to score points. The Jammer just collects them!”

“I loved how eager the coaches were to help, answer questions and spread their knowledge.” -Basin Bombers Roller Derby, Tank Gurl, “click, click, click, BOOM!”

“Having Smarty Pants, Mercy and Lulu give my team and myself personal attention on skills was absolutely invaluable. The Philly Rollergirls will be back next year for sure!”

“The coaches broke things down so well and covered so many topics that I will work on throughout the year.”

“I found value in both the individual feedback/attention and the team evaluations. It was great to work through new ideas, concepts and drills with our teams.”

“The environment that the coaches and campers set was one that encouraged learning, openness to trying new concepts and just overall great vibes.”

“This camp really gave our team a new baseline for building more into our training and practices. Developing new drills and strategy from film, further developing skills needed for our walls to be even stronger and our jammers to be more effective were the best portions of the camp! We absolutely were able to add to our “toolbox” this weekend from Camp Elite!”

Every session was a different way to look at derby.”

The strength concepts are out of this world. These are the keys to the kingdom to unlocking what it means to truly be an elite skater.”

“I learned so much about my body and muscles and how to use them for playing roller derby. I loved the in the moment feedback I got with each coach. I got very specific feedback from each one of the coaches that was both unique and meaningful.”


Big Gals