Upcoming Training Camps – 2018

Camp Elite UK & Derby Stance – February 9, 10 & 11 – Newcastle Upon Tyne  SOLD OUT

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Atlanta, GA – April 13, 14 & 15 – SOLD OUT

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Detroit, MI – May 18, 19 & 20 – BUY TICKETS

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Eugene, OR – May 25, 26 & 27 – BUY TICKETS

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CAMP ELITE: Effective – Learning – In – Team – Environments

Camp Elite is a roller derby training camp designed for team growth and learning.  At Camp Elite skaters sign-up and attend with 4 other skaters from their team creating opportunities for Team Based Learning. Some teams bring more than 5 skaters, some bring less and some bring their coaches, but the key point is to attend with a “pack” so that you can train with and compete against other “packs” over the course of the clinic.

We design the schedule around Team Based Learning and your team is taken through a series of classes that have been designed to link together. The only time you might not be with your teammates is when you take jammer or blocker specific classes, depending on what position you usually play on your team.

Every day there is a scrimmage, in which your team scrimmages other teams of similar skill level, giving you the opportunity to work out your kinks against skaters you never get to play. It also gives you an opportunity to see how other high-level skaters train and work together.


Attending Camp Elite Solo

On occasion skaters attend as a smaller group of 1-4, rather than a whole group of 5. In this case we put them in a group with other skaters at the same level so that they have a “team” to train with over the weekend. Some of these skaters even get in contact before the clinic and decide to share hotel rooms, rental cars, etc. Skaters tend to stay in touch after Camp Elite, which is very cool!

Camp Elite for Coaches

We believe in investing in our coaches, that’s why we have the coaching program that mirrors our program for skaters. At Camp Elite, coaches attend with their teams, or they attend solo, and they study and learn from the coaches during the sessions. Coaches are always in the middle of the track with the CE coaches where they are free to ask questions and participate at 100%.

Content for coaches includes, best methods of communication for athletes, helping the team to achieve SMART goals, coaching tactics that work, creating drills, teaching high level strategy and coaching on game day. Smarty Pants is one of the most sought after trainers for coaches in the sport, if you’re a coach and have never studied under SP, now is the time!

Why choose Camp Elite

We take a few things very seriously at Camp Elite. We take your financial resources seriously; we know money that your team spends at CE cannot be spent on travel for games or tournaments. We know time is very important. It will take time to get to CE and you will spend an entire weekend with us, rather than training for your next tournament at home. We take your trust in us very seriously; you wouldn’t listen to just any roller derby coach, you are very specific about who you want to train under.

We have 100% confidence in our program and have put as much energy and passion into planning it as is possible. We hope that you decide to join us for a Camp Elite Training Camp, and if you do, we will consider it a privilege to work with you and your team!

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2017 Coaching Line-up
Luludemon– Owner of Pivotstar, former skater for Team Canada and Terminal City (fun fact: Lulu was the only jammer to score against US at 2011 World Cup!)
Bonnie Thunders– Owner of Five Stride and current skater for Gotham and USA (fun fact: Bonnie has scored more points in sanctioned games than most jammers in WFTDA)
OMG WTF– Owner of Five Stride and retired skater from Gotham and USA (fun fact: OMG is the new coach of USA Roller Derby!)
Sir Osis– Level 5 WFTDA Official, home league is Rat City (fun fact: Osis was the Head Officiator at WFTDA Championships 2016)
Smarty Pants– Owner of Get Smarty Coaching and Strong Athletic (fun fact, Smarty has been playing roller derby for nearly 14 years!)

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